Thursday, May 26, 2016

Don't Blink

          Moment upon Moment...
Passing by...

          Wincing in pain,
     Squinting in laughter,
Never closing eyes.

          Open eyes living
     Never miss a moment
As it sprints by.

          Coming and Going,
     Togetherness or alone.
Don't Blink...

It will pass you by...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On A Dark Night

Did you see it take flight?
      Luminous and bright,
           Lighting up the night.
      Hiding stars and the like.

Glistening off the dew.
     Did he smile and grimace at you?
          Baring his teeth as he went by
     on uncharted journey across the sky.

Like sailors of old
     Navigating this black bowl
          by starlight in it's flight.
     Effortlessly sailing across the sky.

It lands where I've never seen
    Out of sight and out of mind.
          Until next time w/ gracing presence.
Thank God for heavenly beauty, 
          On A Dark Night.

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Novel

Written w/ Pride!
This story of Grace and Struggle.
The language is un-written,
Never before told.
Not a sequel or trilogy,
It will never be sold.

The only copy is mine.
But you have yours.
When it ends it's full of;
Loves and Losses, Laughters and Tears,
Creativity, Risk and Fears,
Cliffhangers/Excitement at every page turn.

The chapters are aptly named;
Gains and Losses, Loves and Hates,
Work and Play, Stupidity and Wisdom
(#Lessons Learned),
Failure and Redemption,
Scars and Forgiveness.

This story is mine.
There is still much to be written,
Much to be learned.
It is written with Pride!
This story of "Me"
No... this is not the end.