Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Discovery

I awoke to a nightmare
Opening my eyes as if dared.
Dared to believe
That you were there.

To sleep for dreams...
     Of really what seems...
          So real...
I do not want to wake.

But what if I don't?
To wake and deal with this pain
And accept the reality of this place.
This pain may very well never be replaced.

And... I may miss "The Discovery"
"The Discovery" of love,
That no doubt will come from above.

So I wake to this nightmare...
     Opening my eyes...
          Daring to believe...
That one day you'll be there...

Climb On

"When you wish upon a star,
It makes no difference who you are."
You must climb to reach that spoke,
Hand over hand, stroke by stroke.

This dream in the back of your mind,
It will eat you from the inside to the rind,
It struggles to get out,
Constantly, consistently fighting you with doubt.

It shakes the cage from within
Looking for some where to break out
Do not ignore it, that passion within.
Open your heart and let the climb begin...

Saturday, August 27, 2016

About You

I really don't know what to do
I'm figuring out that all of this is about you.
And with these miles between 
I feel like God is being mean.

It's all about you

A second time lost by distance and disease.
Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.
So I do what I know, and look toward the skys. 
Once again no answer comes,
And silence again prevails,
So I tell myself what seems like old wives tales.

It's all about you.

And maybe this is all just blind hope,
And my mind's too far out of scope,
Unable to focus anymore.
As my heart is certainly unable to sore.
It's reached its peak,
So I write instead speak.

Cause it's all about you

And what would life be if it weren't so cruel
As to cause physical pain in you.
I have to find the nerve to send you messages.
So I'm sorry that it's just these passages.

I just don't know what to do...
But just so you know it's all about you...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Beautiful And Free

Quietly away,
Together and alone
Moving as trees in the wind sway
Beautiful and free.

No worries in this moment,
Rhythmic movement,
Back and Forth.
Beautiful and Free.

Wrapped in limbs,
Arms held tight not letting go.
Praying this song never ends,
Beautiful and Free

A memory until next time.
Come sooner rather than later.
Hanging on a moment in time,
That's Beautiful and free.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sun In Your Eyes

Trying to find hope in the future,
 As I see pictures of your tour.
When I see the moon and stars,
I pray you see them too.
When cloud cover makes mine seem far,
I pray they shine brighter on you.
When the sun shines down,
I pray it warms our ground.
When clouds cover my sun to tell me lies,
I pray you're outside...
Dreaming of your favorite place,
As it warms your face.

With nothing but the Sun In Your Eyes
With nothing but the Sun in Your Eyes

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


In this warfare
no one is aware
of what they're doing
because it's so consuming.

Focused on the "me",
it's really all they see.
They're sticking and stabbing
with hands selfishly clawing and grabbing.

There they stand 
with the knife in hand, 
They don't care who gets it in the back!
And the bodies continue to get stacked!

When the time came,
who was to blame?
In this warfare...
were we unaware?

Or did we JUST... NOT... CARE!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mounting Wings

Running Hard with goals in mind
Jumping harder to take flight
Patiently waiting 
Wanting to come over night.

Hoping to fly high
But not like Icarus
Mounted on wings of pride
To collide in death of dreams

Waxin wings are to melt, 
So what can sustain?
Not only the ascent toward the sun,
But also the descent when it's done.

Fear of flight is paralyzing.
And as you lift realizing
Anticipation replacing fear,
Fear of what's to come.

Take the risk,
Be committed to the process.
Fear will subside.
You'll begin to fly

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wash Her Out

She looks good even though she's walking away.
She's sweeter than honey though she left you stray.
Now it's just your thoughts of her left to play.

Trying to keep your head straight,
But this aborition is screwing with you vision.
Trying to create a life w/o going toward hate.

Washing this taste from your mouth as it sours,
As it sat for too long hours.
Listening has lost it's meaning.

Scotch and Whiskey are the same result,
As too much beer releases fear.
Fear of over indulgence and not chasing her away

You know you couldn't drink enough to was her out.
Deal with the taste in your mouth.
The bitter will subside.

Life will move on.
Give in to time and patience.
You can't drink enough to wash her out...

Monday, June 20, 2016

All The While

Trying to get out of the wood
Feel like I'm doing what I should
But these shadows reek havoc on my eyes

All the while believing these lies
All the while headed to the other side

Step by step along the way
Again turned around.
They want me to stay.
Please clear what lies

All the while believing these lies
All the while headed to the other side

All that is seen are tree
And nothing to be.
Hamlet had an idea,
    "To be or not to be..."

Choosing between two was his goal
In that sacred scene of ole
As he stared deep into dead eyes

All the while... 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

After The Rain

Turning the page
I find a new chapter
And it's already bound in better leather

As I read
It's noticed that clouds break
Revealing better weather

The storm no longer rages...
At least not... 
On present pages.

The grass glistens
As if wet from dew
The air crisp and cool

There is new growth in this world
New things are noticed
Like beauty After The Rain

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Constantly contemplating 
This life transitionally 
What's next, who's next
Why this and Why that
Is this much out of my control?

There's got to be more
More that ebbs and flows
Where's the life that glows
Tire of being unsatisfied
All the hypocrisy and lies

Frustrated w/ greed and the self-righteous
(Knowing this might be me)
Expectations of a life that's thought to be
It can't be this  or that you see
Pressure of the outside folding in
Breath is short and coming to an end

This is my Therapy 
Constantly contemplating
This life alway transitioning
The soul wants more
Rages upon pages

Bleeding ink as one thinks
No one is hearing me
And that makes this book the only one listening...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Don't Blink

          Moment upon Moment...
Passing by...

          Wincing in pain,
     Squinting in laughter,
Never closing eyes.

          Open eyes living
     Never miss a moment
As it sprints by.

          Coming and Going,
     Togetherness or alone.
Don't Blink...

It will pass you by...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On A Dark Night

Did you see it take flight?
      Luminous and bright,
           Lighting up the night.
      Hiding stars and the like.

Glistening off the dew.
     Did he smile and grimace at you?
          Baring his teeth as he went by
     on uncharted journey across the sky.

Like sailors of old
     Navigating this black bowl
          by starlight in it's flight.
     Effortlessly sailing across the sky.

It lands where I've never seen
    Out of sight and out of mind.
          Until next time w/ gracing presence.
Thank God for heavenly beauty, 
          On A Dark Night.

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Novel

Written w/ Pride!
This story of Grace and Struggle.
The language is un-written,
Never before told.
Not a sequel or trilogy,
It will never be sold.

The only copy is mine.
But you have yours.
When it ends it's full of;
Loves and Losses, Laughters and Tears,
Creativity, Risk and Fears,
Cliffhangers/Excitement at every page turn.

The chapters are aptly named;
Gains and Losses, Loves and Hates,
Work and Play, Stupidity and Wisdom
(#Lessons Learned),
Failure and Redemption,
Scars and Forgiveness.

This story is mine.
There is still much to be written,
Much to be learned.
It is written with Pride!
This story of "Me"
No... this is not the end.