Tuesday, July 26, 2016


In this warfare
no one is aware
of what they're doing
because it's so consuming.

Focused on the "me",
it's really all they see.
They're sticking and stabbing
with hands selfishly clawing and grabbing.

There they stand 
with the knife in hand, 
They don't care who gets it in the back!
And the bodies continue to get stacked!

When the time came,
who was to blame?
In this warfare...
were we unaware?

Or did we JUST... NOT... CARE!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mounting Wings

Running Hard with goals in mind
Jumping harder to take flight
Patiently waiting 
Wanting to come over night.

Hoping to fly high
But not like Icarus
Mounted on wings of pride
To collide in death of dreams

Waxin wings are to melt, 
So what can sustain?
Not only the ascent toward the sun,
But also the descent when it's done.

Fear of flight is paralyzing.
And as you lift realizing
Anticipation replacing fear,
Fear of what's to come.

Take the risk,
Be committed to the process.
Fear will subside.
You'll begin to fly