Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Discovery

I awoke to a nightmare
Opening my eyes as if dared.
Dared to believe
That you were there.

To sleep for dreams...
     Of really what seems...
          So real...
I do not want to wake.

But what if I don't?
To wake and deal with this pain
And accept the reality of this place.
This pain may very well never be replaced.

And... I may miss "The Discovery"
"The Discovery" of love,
That no doubt will come from above.

So I wake to this nightmare...
     Opening my eyes...
          Daring to believe...
That one day you'll be there...

Climb On

"When you wish upon a star,
It makes no difference who you are."
You must climb to reach that spoke,
Hand over hand, stroke by stroke.

This dream in the back of your mind,
It will eat you from the inside to the rind,
It struggles to get out,
Constantly, consistently fighting you with doubt.

It shakes the cage from within
Looking for some where to break out
Do not ignore it, that passion within.
Open your heart and let the climb begin...