Saturday, July 22, 2017


There's one I love
She's never far from the heart.
I have fallen in love with her
Over Sunsets and ocean breezes
While I walked upon cobble stone streets.

She's calm yet deep,
Underneath her current is strong.
Next to her I stand in awe.
People walking by as if she doesn't exist
Noticing only when something is upon her. 

She's the beauty of which men dream.
She is hot and sultry, dark and mysterious.
Always flowing endlessly, as if to the sea.
Wanting nothing but giving, giving, giving.
When I walk next to her I feel at home
As if I'm not alone... and at peace.

Her beauty glimmers in the sun!
And she shines at night!
She pushes and pulls with might!
She speaks with a mouth to all the world...

They're pulling up by her side.
Watching and waiting, 
She does with such pride
As some stand and work by her side.

But in recent days,
Some have taken away from her.
She has shed tears for those she's lost.
She's seen love and violence, 
And she seems to be lost in silence.

She screams and cries
Filling saline eyes.
Yet   she   still    flows    strong
As she has from for so long,
She's simply trying to be.
She's weathered storm and war
And marches to the sea!

She's one I love,
Never far from the heart.

Savannah my love,
I've loved you from the start.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

All About You/Beautiful Release Recording.

So here it is as promised.  A recording of All About You. I'm sorry for the horrible audio... used my Mac to record it...

Just click the link below.

All About You