Sunday, January 1, 2017


So before you really start reading this post I want you to know that this is not my normal post.  It's not poetry... Scary right? So... Here we go.

Last night was New Year's Eve and it was an exciting night like any other night. I watched the "Big Short", ate some M&M's and had a glass a Basil and Hayden Bourbon (M&M and Bourbon were had a different times. Can you imagine that taste?)  At midnight I decided to take a shower.  There was something symbolic to me about washing off 2016.  After I got out I watched a little TV and began to look at my social media.  I found this the re-occuring theme amongst status updates that said things like "F@#k 2016; Good Riddance 2016; I'm glad that's over." Trust me when I tell you that I feel the same about this.  We lost a lot of very influential people this year and some of us lost love ones and friends.

But as I read through these post I began to question my own 2016. What was it that made it so bad? Was it that my sister and I both experienced divorces? Was it that my uncle's tumor came back? Was it my lost passion for a career? Was it that my dad had some sort of a TIA or whatever? What was it that made 2016 so bad? It was a year full of heartache, tears, love, laughter, encouragement and silence.

The heartache came as both my sister and I experienced divorces and our family just had to watch it happen as there was nothing any of us could do about it.  By the way, my sister is one of the bravest women I know for doing what she did in that situation.

It was a year full of love and laughter as friends came to my side to encourage me. I think of Hannah, who made sure that I was not spending too many nights in a row sitting at home by myself and would drag me out of the house at least once a week to meet for drinks and dinner at Floyd's. Katie, Ifah and Karl who allowed me into their friend group and even though I've moved away still show their love and invite me to parties and gatherings. Johnny, who always made sure I was ok. And still does. I love all of you!

The laughter that was shared by my brother, sister and I as we gathered to support one another.  And my parents who kept encouraging us to "trust the process". (Attached Picture)

The 4 plus months of silence as I waited for calls from breweries after numerous interviews and the support that came from Carly Wiggins, Smith Matthews and the rest of the Southbound Crew. Carly notified me about the job at Cannon and Smith, despite what he says, probably talked me up in a big way.

In October I stared living out my dreams/passions as I became the brewmaster of Cannon Brew Pub in Columbus, GA.  Making this career change was one of the scariest things I've ever done. I knew that I could fail and fail big. I still know that failure is a possibility.

But as I thought about all of these things I realized that maybe the reason I feel like 2016 was a horrible year is because I spent most of it trying to control my circumstances and outcomes. When I couldn't... I became uncomfortable.

So 2016 was a year of me being pushed to my limits. My limits to love and forgive. My limits to have/show patience and my limits to mend and begin relationships.  If my limits had not been pushed I know I would not have experienced the growth that I so desperately needed.  I can honestly say that I am happy with where I am and who I am.

So with tear filled eyes...

May the person you want to be always live in tomorrow and may you always work towards them experiencing the growing pains of life.

(there's your poetry)

Taken the night after Robert and I learned of Marynan's situation

Ifah, Karl, Hannah, Katie and Charles at Charles going away

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